Planning a Thousand Islands vacation

Random_bannerNote: You don’t need a license to rent our houseboats! Together we fill out a simple Renter’s Checklist and you are issued a temporary license for your trip. We provide instructions and demonstrations on operating the boat as well as safety instructions and then you’re on your way! Ready to cast off?

Planning a Thousand Islands vacation on a houseboat can be half the fun. In fact,  if you’re like most of our customers, your first trip won’t be your last. Where do you begin? Well, let’s start with the food. Plan your meals. Create some menus. Get the kids involved. Making a list of the meals with everything you’ll want for preparing them will save you having to go ashore for supplies. Your houseboat has a propane stove and oven as well as an outside barbecue so there is almost no limit to the question, “What’s for dinner?”

The boats have just about everything you’ll need for cooking but you may want to bring some special items. Do you enjoy fresh Parmesan for your favourite pasta dinners? Bring a small cheese grater. Fresh ground pepper a must? Bring a pepper mill. For a list of all the kitchen supplies on board, click here. Want to see a boat list one of our regular customers uses? Download it here.

Charging cell phones, laptops and tablets.

The boat uses 12 volt batteries just like your car. We provide an inverter to provide power for re-charging laptops, cell phones and electronic devices. The inverter plugs into the cigarette lighter socket found at the control panel on your boat. Just remember there are items that cannot be plugged in, such as hairdryers and toasters. If you have any doubt at what can be operated from your inverter, just ask us.

Thousand Island Events and Attractions

The real fun is planning your destinations. There are many attractions and special events of both sides of the river. We’ve provided some suggestions and a few of our favorites on this site but even we couldn’t cover them all. Look on the sidebar for a list of links that may help in your trip planning.

A couple of our suggested trips:

Gananoque to Bodlt Castle
Going stateside to Clayton
Gone fishin’!
The Navy Islands
The Rideau Canal and Locks

One thing you can plan on? Having the vacation of a lifetime. Hope to see you soon.

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