1000 Islands vacation rentals

1000 Island VacationsThinking 1000 Islands in January?

I don’t know where you live but where I live, it is cold. And icy. And windy. I am also sitting on the shore looking out to the St. Lawerence River, home of the world-renowned 1000 Islands. Even in January, it is beautiful and as I watch the water rippling its way to the Gulf of St. Larence and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean, I start to count the days to when I get can back on the river again.

Renting a houseboat on the 1000 Islands falls squarely into the ‘unique vacation’ category.

I know when people google “1000 Island vacations” they have a lot of options. They are first hit with ads, followed by links to Airbnb listings and an assortment of other rental opportunities. Unfortunately for us, houseboat rentals do not come up in on top of the pile. Our loss. Their loss.

I know when spring comes, I will be back on the river. The great thing about spring houseboat rentals is that there are fewer boats on the river which gives you more choices on where to spend the night. The 1000 Islands National Park has several islands and in the summer, they are popular. In the spring, you have your pick. Will it be Camelot or Endymion? The two most popular islands are usually yours for the picking. And it is wonderful in the spring to see everything bursting out of its winter hibernation.

If you want to experience the true flavour of a1000 Island vacation, there is no better way than from a houseboat. You see the islands your way and go where you want to go when you want to go.

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