Blackened River Steak

So simple. So tasty. Blackened steak is always a hit and is easy to prepare on your houseboat

(You can prepare this before you get on the boat. Great for the freezer,  both at home and on board.)

Ingredients: (this is adequate for two adults. Increase for more people)

One medium, marbled, semi-thick steak.

Olive oil

Soya Sauce

2 table spoons Black pepper, freshly ground per serving (4 for this recipe)

In a medium pan or dish, pour in equal amounts of olive oil and soya sauce. Stir and mix oil and water as best you can. 😉

Grind the pepper however you can or use pre-ground if you must (fresh is always tastier). If there are pepper corns left over from the grinding, all the better. We’ll throw those in as well.

Put half the pepper in the dish and stir again.

Place steak in the dish, cover and let stand for 1/2 hour. If it’s warm outside, let stand in refrigerator.

After 1/2 hour, flip the steak and cover the other side with remaining pepper.

Let sit. If you prepare this before going to the boat, put the marinate into a zip lock baggie, add the steak and put in freezer.

On the boat, let the steak sit on a counter and reach room temperature.

The great thing about this recipe is that it can be done on either the BBQ or the stovetop.

On the BBQ

Think primal. Light BBQ. Let temperature get hot. Place steak on hot BBQ and close the lid. Sear one side for a couple of minutes. Turn steak over. Close lid. Sear for a couple of minutes and then turn the BBQ to a low setting.

Use a clock or your nose. Depending on the thickness of the steak and the BBQ temperature setting, your masterpiece should be done in about 10 minutes. Cut a piece off one end to test. Still looking medium rare when you wanted more cooked? Your steak will continue cooking after the heat has been turned off. So you actually want to get it off the flame when it just, by your preferences, is a little underdone. A little.

Same as cooking on the stovetop.

On the Stovetop

This is the same procedure as cooking on the BBQ but you do it inside. You’ll need to find a pot lid to put over the frying pan.It doesn’t have to be an exact fit. A little oversized is preferable but remember: this is not science; this is dinner. Follow the procedures as if you were cooking on the BBQ. The important thing is a lid for the frying pan.

Serve with:

A salad (use 1000 Island dressing if you’re really trying to get into the feel of the islands)

Green vegetables (asparagus is nice especially when sprinkled with fresh parmesan)

Baked potato (wrap in aluminium foil and cook on BBQ for about an hour) or

Pan fried potato cubes (pre-cook potatoes at home is easiest way). Cut potato into bite-sized cubes and fry in pan with steak marinate. Wait until golden crisp and then remove and place in a pot over low heat. When you almost done cooking the steak, put the potato cubes back in the pan for re-heating/crisping.

Great with a red Bordeaux or Burgundy.