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Please review for commonly asked questions.

Do I need a boating license?

No. We go through a safety list that serves as your temporaty permit for your trip and we make sure you are comfortable before we send you on your way.

What do I need to bring?

You need your toiletries, towels, dish soap, fishing rods, and your provisions (food and drinks). You may want to bring binoculars and games for the kids.

And here are things you may want to bring:

Flashlight (strong recommend)

Cooler or ice chest (they supply one but you may want an extra)

Battery-operated radio/music player


Fishing gear

Scuba/snorkel gear

Canoe/kayak/zodiac (great for exploring when you anchor or tie up to a mooring can…you can rent one from Houseboat Holidays. )

A passport if you’re planning to enter the U.S. (Check U.S. custom’s website for up-to-date requirements

Is there cookware on the boat?

Yes. All the cookware and cutlery you need are supplied including a percolating coffee pot. GOTTA have that morning coffee!

Do you supply bedding?

Yes. We provide pillows, sheets and blankets. 

How do I charge my cell phone, tablet or laptop?

Every boat is supplied with an inverter which plugs into a 12-volt power socket (which used to be used for cigarette lighters).

Note that is ONLY suitable for your electronic devices.

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