Boat Building

HH_buildEnjoy the freedom of your own houseboat!

If you fall in love with being on a houseboat in the Thousand Islands (and be prepared for that to happen) you might find yourself want us to do boatbuilding for you. We can do that. We’re experts in custom built houseboats. Mike (one of Houseboat Holidays’ owners) and our team, design and build all Houseboat Holiday boats. We can work with you to build one that meets your needs. We have a keen attention to detail and build customers’ boats as if we were building them for ourselves. From our choice of pontoons (based on the characteristics of the river and it’s topography) to the mix of solar panels and propane to power the boat’s equipment and appliances, y8282251289_a9909578f2_mour boat will be both energy efficient and quiet when moored or docked.

We’re a natural for custom built houseboats.

Interior finishing and personal touches are what makes this floating cottage feel like home.  We will work with you to give it the touches that make your boat distinctively yours. Mike, (also a seasoned pilot) knows the importance of electronics. He can guide you through your choice of built-in navigational aids and electronic equipment and how your boat will be configured to meet your needs.

Your own floating cottage in the Thousand Islands.

8282333105_4e86350177_mMany people dream of owning a cottage in the 1000 Islands and for many of us, it remains just that: a dream. Most cottages are passed down from generation to generation and those few that do come on the market, command high prices. Having your own houseboat is a smart alternative. It’s like having a floating cottage in one the most desirable vacation spots: The Thousand Islands. It’s a smart alternative to the high cost of cottage ownership.

First year end-of-season maintenance is free.

At the end of every season, we take our houseboats out for winter overhaul and do maintenance. We clean and repaint the pontoons, remove all the interior fabric (including carpets) for cleaning and do any required maintenance for the on-board equipment so that each spring, our boats are ship-shape and ready for another active season. When you purchase a custom-built boat from Houseboat Holidays, that first year dry dock overhaul is included, free of charge*. If you want us to provide that service at the end of every season, we give customers of custom-built boats a very attractive pricing package that can include everything from complete overhaul to winter storage.

Want to make the Thousand Island cottage dream a reality? Let us build a custom houseboat for you.