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Gananoque to Boldt Castle

To Boldt Castle via The Wolfe Island Cut and Clayton

(This is the long route to Boldt Castle taking about 6 hours)

Leaving the marina, you will head into the Bateau Channel. Turn left, heading east. You’ll be passing the Howe Island ferry. It’s a cable ferry so you want to pass well behind it. Up ahead you’ll see channel markers. The markers that are both red and green mark an intersection of two channels. You’ll see one after you pass the ferry. Heading southeast, you’ll pass the green marker, JH 1. Keep it on your left. Go between Aubrey and Mermaid Islands, two islands in the Thousand Islands National Park. read more

Going Stateside to Clayton

Via Camelot Island: a scenic route

This can be a very pretty cruise, especially if you can navigate through some of the lesser channels. (A GPS or a navigation app can be a great help.) Leaving the Bateau Channel, you can follow the channel markers east toward Gananoque or you can tuck in behind Beaurivage Island and then follow a narrow channel on the south sides of Lindsay and McDonald Islands for a closer look at some of the Thousand Islands original cottages. read more


Rideau Canal & Locks


There are several online resources for the Rideau Canal and area. Ken Watson has created an extensive and comprehensive resource on this national treasure. He has also authored several books on the area, including Tales of the Rideau, a great read for both adults and kids. (For a list of Ken’s books and how to get them, click here.) Ken’s site, the Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada and the Rideau Heritage site are excellent resources if you are planning a Rideau Canal houseboat vacation. And what better way than in one of our houseboats? After all, Houseboat Holidays has been providing Rideau Canal houseboat rentals for decades. Let us help you plan a great Rideau Canal vacation. read more

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