Going Stateside for Clayton vacations

Via Camelot Island: a scenic route when heading for Clayton vacations

This can be a very pretty cruise, especially if you can navigate through some of the lesser channels. (A GPS or a navigation app can be a great help.) Leaving the Bateau Channel, you can follow the channel markers east toward Gananoque or you can tuck in behind Beaurivage Island and then follow a narrow channel on the south sides of Lindsay and McDonald Islands for a closer look at some of the Thousand Islands original cottages.

From the Middle Channel to the Main Channel

When you reach the Gananoque area, you’ll be coming up on buoy JE3. Turn south and follow the cut around Hay Island and then southeast crossing on the north side of Huckleberry Island. You’ll then see Thartway ahead of you and green marker marker (H31) at the beginning of the Lake Fleet Islands. Follow the marked channel east and when you reach Canoe Point State Park, turn south, taking either the west or east side of Picton Island. Your Clayton vacations await you as you cross the Main Shipping Lane.

Clayton Antique Boat Museum: a must-see

After you clear US Customs (there is a telephone reporting station at the main dock) you can set foot in what has been named one of ‘the coolest small towns in America’ and soon realize why Clayton vacations are so popular. From local artists and artisan shops, historic buildings, to cheese shops (River Rat Cheese for great curds and other cheese specialties) and the famous Antique Boat Museum, Clayton is quintessential Thousand islands. Want to know where Thousand Island dressing was born? It was right here.

Clayton vacations have much to offer all summer long

It is evident as soon as you walk the riverside streets that Clayton is a town with immense civic pride. Before you go, check to see what activities are planned and time your visit accordingly. You won’t be sorry. And once you’ve visited Clayton, you’ll probably be back. Clayton vacations are among the most popular in the Thousand Islands.