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Trip Planning


You DO NOT need a Boater’s License to rent from Houseboat Holidays.

Together we fill out a simple Renter’s Checklist which serves as a temporary license for your trip. We provide instructions and demonstrations on operating the boat as well as safety instructions and then you’re on your way! Ready to cast off?


Plan your meals. Create some menus. Get the kids involved. Making a list of the meals with everything you’ll want for preparing them will save you having to go ashore for supplies. Your houseboat has a propane stove and oven as well as an outside barbecue so there is almost no limit to the question, “What’s for dinner?” We have a couple of starter menu items here.


The boat uses 12-volt batteries just like your car. We provide an inverter to provide power for recharging laptops, cell phones and electronic devices. The inverter plugs into the cigarette lighter socket found at the control panel on your boat. Just remember there are items that cannot be plugged in, such as hair dryers and toasters. 

The Navionics app makes a big difference

This app can make the difference between a great vacation on the 1000 islands and a fantastic vacation on the 1000 Islands. With this app (available for Android and iPhone) you can see the depths in real-time on a moving map display so you always know where you are and you can take channels you might not take with just a chart.

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