Golfing in Thousand IslandsHouseboat golfing is a favorite of Pete’s, one of the owners of Houseboat Holidays and the person you’ll be talking to when you book your boat. He and his friends regularly do a “houseboat golfing tour”. The writer of this site doesn’t play golf, so he can’t understand why anyone would want to ruin a perfectly wonderful houseboat tour of the 1000 islands with a few frustrating games of golf. Having said that, if you’re going to play golf, there can be few places that offer more beautiful water traps than here in the 1000 islands.

Many Thousand Island golf courses to choose from

There are about 20 scenic, public courses in the Thousand Island area and several are accessible by boat. From leisurely nine-hole to course, to courses that span several islands, the Thousand Islands offers an unsurpassed golfing experience.

Something for every golfer

Whether you are learning or about to give Tiger Woods a run for his money there are golf courses for every level of player. To learn more about golfing in the Gananoque area, click here. One of Pete’s favourites is Smuggler’s Glen and for those wanting to golf on the US side, try the Thousand Island Country Club.

These are just a few examples. For more listings of Thousand Island golf courses, click here. No matter where you end playing or how well or not-so-well you do, taking a Thousand Island Houseboat Golfing Tour takes you to a whole new level. Playing on both sides of the border you’ll be able to boast of being on the international circuit.