Gone Fishing

fish_1Fishing in the Thousand islands has been popular ever since the first big one that got away, got away. And it seems those big ones that get away just keep getting bigger every year. So if you are looking to hooking the big one, you’ve come to the right place.

A great online fishing resource is Catch Fishing and there you can get information on licensing, regulations and great Thousand island fishing spots. Of course, no one knows the best fishing spots like the locals do and few of those locals are willing to let their river secrets go. So when you plan your fishing expedition with Houseboat Holidays, we’ll tell you where we think the best spots will be before you set out. We’re not posting it here on the internet. Just doesn’t seem right somehow.

The government doesn’t see it that way. In fact, they’re making it easier to spot where the fish might be biting with their “Fish ON-line” offering. There are many apps for fishing and some are even free. If you’re looking for lures there are plenty of local shops and in every one of those shops you’ll find a fishing expert. You can also find a multitude of lures to choose from at Lucky Strike.

The king of the St. Lawrence River is the Muskie (Muskellunge). Of all the big ones that got away, these are the biggest. Bass fishing is also popular and there are some great spots located at …no..we’ll tell you when you get here.

And for carp fishing enthusiasts, the St. Lawrence River has some of the best spots in the world and people come from all over the world to fish here. What better way to do it than from your own houseboat?

Houseboat fishing

In various spots throughout the river, you can fish for muskie, walleye, bass (large and smallmouth), crappie (we didn’t name the fish), sunfish, trout and carp. For information on necessary licenses and season dates, go to www.ontario.ca/fishing. And for a guide to Ontario fishing go to www.ontario.ca/fishguide.

And you can download a chart to identify the big one you snagged, right here.

And if anyone asks you, we said nothing about Gordon Island and fishing. Nothing.