A Cottage Guest House

reserve_nowYour floating river guest house.

People with cottages on the Thousand Islands tend to get increasingly popular as the summer wears on. Everyone loves an invitation to a Thousand Island cottage. And if people are planning a group or family re-union, it is not uncommon for the person with the cottage to be ‘volunteered’ to host the event. Or maybe you want to host a throng of people but wonder how you can accommodate everyone. You may think you should rent a cottage in the 1000 islands, just to accommodate your guests. Why not make it easier, more affordable and convenient? Let Houseboat Holidays provide you with a floating river guest house.

An extra loo, too.

Renting a houseboat or two for the occasion is a great way to solve the problem of ‘where will everyone sleep?’  Not only will our houseboats give you extra beds, but an extra washroom, as well. Think of it as a bunkie with a bathroom. And a kitchen. And a dining area. And an extra refrigerator. Sure, your guests could rent a cottage in the 1000 Islands but how far away will that cottage be? Houseboat Holidays provides a smart alternative.

That sweet sound of silence.

Since the appliances on our houseboats are propane powered, you won’t have the disturbance of a noisy generator. Nor do you have to worry about all the bedding for everyone and you won’t have to ask guests to bring sleeping bags. Everything you need to make guests comfortable for the night comes with the boat rental. We have boats that sleep six and boats that sleep up to ten, providing you with ample extra space and the freedom to invite as many as you can feed. Speaking of feeding, you may find the the extra kitchen and barbecue coming in handy, too, not to mention the extra dishes and cutlery.

For kids, it’s like camping on the water.

If kids are coming, they’ re going to love it. It’s a great summer experience for kids. Instead of telling the kids you’re going to rent a cottage in the 1000 Islands, you can tell them you’re going to rent a floating cottage in the 1000 Islands. Sweet! And if you want to provide your guests with a tour of the islands, what could be better than having a houseboat ready to go?

If you’re planning to have guests, call us to arrange for your floating cottage guest house. You can pick up the boat at Clark’s Marina where we are docked or we can bring the boat to you. Don’t have the dock space for a 38′ or 48′ houseboat? No problem. Anchor it off shore. We can even help with that.

If you’re planning on hosting guests at your cottage, make it easy on yourself. Rent a guesthouse from Houseboat Holidays.