Romantic Getaways

full_moon_dusk_1000For the ultimate romantic getaway try a 1000 Islands full moon cruise

There are many great spots for romantic getaways on the St. Lawrence River. And with the right navigational aids (Navionics is a great app for your iPhone, Android or iPad) a night cruise under a full moon will give you the experience of a lifetime.Roamic getaway dinner on the St. Lawrence River Cruise through the Lake Fleet Islands and stay at Endymion or Camelot Island. For even more seclusion, tie up to a mooring can in the south bay on Thwartway Island. Or find your own private bay, tucked away from everyone. Whether you barbecue outside or cook indoors, it would be get a more romantic dinner in the Thousand islands. Prepare your favourite dish. And  don’t forget the candles.


Secluded spots in the Navy Islands

With careful navigation (the right navigational aids make it possible) cruising through the Navy Islands is a real treat. Narrow twisting channels weave you in and out of some of the most spectacular views on the river. And for settling in for the night, there are many spots to choose from. Just north of Downie Island is excellent anchorage. And for docking, Mulcaster Island, part of the Thousand Islands National Park is right there.

Sheltered bays for anchoring throughout the Thousand islands

Picture a candle-lit dinner with stunning natural 360 degree views. There’s nothing else like it in the world. Whether you’re  tucked into the Lake Fleet Islands, nestled in among the Navy Islands or anchored in the Lake of the Isles, this is a romantic getaway that will stay with you for a life time.