Wreck Diving

The 2013 season has begun on the St. Lawrence River! The May 24 weekend (Canada) and Memorial Day weekend (US) traditionally mark the time boats are launched, cottages are opened and the many attractions in the Thousand Islands open their doors for the season. Houseboat Holidays boats are in the water, fresh after the winter overhaul and updates.

The Thousand Islands at its best.

This is a great time to enjoy the river. The birds are back, the fish are jumping (some even biting) and the St. Lawrence National Park is officially open for visitors. If you’re looking for a great spring weekend getaway or even want to take a week before the summer crowds are here, this is a great time to rent one of our boats and take in the Thousand Islands.

Call now and book your boat. The river is waiting.

wreck_diving_122506285World renowned wreck diving in the Thousand Islands

As you navigate through the channels and around the shoals, past the buoys and giving rock markers a wide berth, you may find yourself wondering how ships navigated this part of the St. Lawrence River. Truth is, before navigation aids and beacons, there were many ships that ran into trouble and didn’t do that well. They sank. These tragedies have made the Thousand Islands one of the best freshwater diving areas in the world.

Dives for every skill level

New to diving? There are dives for every level, including snorkel dives. Dive 1000 Islands provides an excellent resource for planning your dive vacation. And there are
numerous dive shops and dive tour operators in the Thousand Islands, based on both the Canadian and US sides of the river. So getting supplies and registering for your dive is easy. Be sure to check with a dive operator to find out  how to register with Canadian and US border authorities for dives around the international border.

See you down below

If you’re looking for a world class diving experience, you need travel no further than the Thousand Islands. Based from your houseboat, you’ll have the flexibility to choose multiple dive sites including those only accessible by boat. Call us now to reserve your boat and start planning that dive of a lifetime now. Download a dive guide here.