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Wreck Diving

World renowned wreck diving in the Thousand Islands

As you navigate through the channels and around the shoals, past the buoys and giving rock markers a wide berth, you may find yourself wondering how ships navigated this part of the St. Lawrence River. Truth is, before navigation aids and beacons, there were many ships that ran into trouble and didn’t do that well. They sank. These tragedies have made the Thousand Islands one of the best freshwater diving areas in the world.

Dives for every skill level

New to diving? There are dives for every level, including snorkel dives. Dive 1000 Islands provides an excellent resource for planning your dive vacation. And there are numerous dive shops and dive tour operators in the Thousand Islands, based on both the Canadian and US sides of the river. So getting supplies and registering for your dive is easy. Be sure to check with a dive operator to find out  how to register with Canadian and US border authorities for dives around the international border.

See you down below

If you’re looking for a world class diving experience, you need travel no further than the Thousand Islands. Based from your houseboat, you’ll have the flexibility to choose multiple dive sites including those only accessible by boat. Call us now to reserve your boat and start planning that dive of a lifetime now. Download a dive guide here.

Fall Colours

What better way to enjoy the spectacular Ontario autumn colours than in the beauty of the Thousand Islands? Autumn is a magical time in Ontario and nowhere is that more true than here on the St. Lawrence River.

In the autumn, the summer crowds are gone, but the magic of the river remains. With heat and plenty of hot water, renting houseboat is like having a floating river cottage at a time when you practically have the river to yourself.

Have a camp fire at Aubrey Island or take a cruise down to Constance Island, and take in the colours of the Islands. When the sun begins to set and the light turns to a golden yellow, the autumn colours are at their best. You’ll have a front row seat to one of the best shows Mother Nature provides: the autumn colours of Ontario.

Love Ontario’s fall colours? See them as you’ve never seen them before: in the serenity and beauty of the Thousand Islands on a houseboat fall colour cruise.

A Unique Vacation

A houseboat holiday in Gananoque and the Thousand Islands is like having your own floating river cottage. It’s the most unique vacation in the 1000 Islands bar none. After all, your views are always changing and no two sunsets need be the same. Whether it is a vacation for the entire family, a bachelor or bachelorette weekend outing or a romantic getaway for two, a houseboat holiday is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Want to enjoy the Thousand Islands in your own boat but want someone else to captain? No problem. One of our crew, probably Neil, can captain for you and give you a tour like only the locals can. And come nightfall, he’ll leave you with your boat and rendezvous again with you in the morning.

If you are looking for that unique, one-of-a-kind vacation, this is it.

With so much to see and do in the Thousand Islands, it is little wonder many of our customers come back year after year. Here is a list of what many consider the must-sees while visiting the Thousand Islands:

  • Boldt Castle (even if you don’t enter the US, you can still circle the island in your houseboat and see this local treasure)
  • Arthur Child Heritage Centre in Gananoque
  • Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY
  • The Thousand Islands International Bridge (passing underneath you get a sense of what a feat this was to construct)

Gone Fishin

Fishing in the Thousand islands has been popular ever since the first big one that got away, got away. And it seems those big ones that get away just keep getting bigger every year. So if you are looking to hooking the big one, you’ve come to the right place.

The government is making it easier to spot where the fish might be biting with their “Fish ON-line” offering. There are many apps for fishing and some are even free. If you’re looking for lures there are plenty of local shops and in every one of those shops you’ll find a fishing expert. You can also find a multitude of lures to choose from at Lucky Strike.

The king of the St. Lawrence River is the Muskie (Muskellunge). Of all the big ones that got away, these are the biggest. Bass fishing is also popular and there are some great spots located at …no..we’ll tell you when you get here.

And for carp fishing enthusiasts, the St. Lawrence River has some of the best spots in the world and people come from all over the world to fish here. What better way to do it than from your own houseboat?

In various spots throughout the river, you can fish for muskie, walleye, bass (large and smallmouth), crappie (we didn’t name the fish), sunfish, trout and carp. For information on necessary licenses and season dates, go to www.ontario.ca/fishing. And for a guide to Ontario fishing go to www.ontario.ca/fishguide.

And you can download a chart to identify the big one you snagged, right here.

And if anyone asks you, we said nothing about Gordon Island and fishing. Nothing.

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